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Finding her Niche and Helping Others Find Theirs ~ with Lina Minard

This week, we’ve got one other follow-up visitor and though she’s a Portland resident, we hardly get to see her. Ironically, Michelle has seen her MORE in different states than our personal! But we didn’t let that cease us from virtually stalking Lina Minard for an additional interview. We knew our listeners would need to know….what ever occurred to her and her “new” boyfriend? We hear on a regular basis, “I’m thinking of starting a tiny house community, where do I start?” And Lina is aware of how! What does she consider the development, or lack thereof, in the direction of legalizing tiny homes? And “where” is she now? Some days it’s good to talk with a good friend who we haven’t seen in awhile, and at present’s dialog feels identical to that. No pretense. Just a enjoyable time spent with a pleasant individual, an timeless advocate of tiny home individuals all over the place. You don’t should stay in Oregon to understand Laid-Back-Lina and the Niche she’s made for herself within the ever-changing tiny world.


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