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My Tiny House Road Sign is Dual Purpose and Beautiful

Creating a Dual Purpose Road Sign

Why ought to you’ve a street signal in your Tiny House? So that when individuals see your extremely lovable residence rolling down the street, and virtually crash because of taking photographs, they will additionally comply with you on social media! More importantly, I needed to see the photographs individuals have been taking! After all, what higher method is there to doc your travels than to produce other individuals do it for you?!  Along my 25,000-mile street journey, my home was tagged in dozens and dozens of photographs. And for that, I’ve to thank my lovely, hand crafted signal.

Here’s how the Tiny House Giant Journey signal was created. . .

road sign

A household good friend, Stan, helped make the right signal for my Tiny House, and a thanks to him is LONG overdue. Thanks Stan!  Here’s how he created the unique “Tiny House Giant Journey” signal.

road sign

Three items of my reclaimed siding have been reduce, assembled collectively, painted with pink stain, and given to Stan. He then printed and utilized a rubber sticker, with the unique emblem design, to the wooden piece.

road sign

After that, Stan sprayed the wooden with a sandblaster, eradicating the highest few layers of wooden. The sticker protected the stained wooden beneath, making a beveled end look.

Once the signal went by way of the sandblasting course of, Stan peeled off the sticker to disclose the beautiful outcome.

road sign

road sign

Over the years, the signal has worn away little by little as a result of climate. Here is a photograph of Guillaume’s mom, Deb, doing the primary spherical of retouching. This needs to be executed annually to hold her wanting shiny and new.

road sign

But that’s not all! My street signal is additionally dual-purpose. It folds down, with the assistance of a sequence and a couple of hooks, to create a useful outside desk.

road sign

Do you need a street signal in your Tiny House? Let me know within the feedback! 

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