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Peace Pods, Love, Design, and Harmony – with Vivian Dantche

The explosive growth of the simple-and-intentional-living movement has created opportunity for so many companies and nowhere is that more evident than with Eagle Log Cabins. This week, our chat with Vivian reminds us all that a healthy living environment leads to a healthy life. And, that a quiet and purposefully built structure leads to a purpose focused life. But the cabins that she and her partner Thomas design build are far from your Grandpa’s damp and dusty old box-like house in the woods. The woods used in their building, which range from private retreat pods, to huge living quarters, is harvested in the Nordic Regions and imported to Vashon Island WA. Their cabins are both lovely, and liveable, and worth taking a look at; even if you have your eyes on a tiny house on wheels. You know why!? They build those too!


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