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Pushing the Envelope of Innovation and Boundaries – with Ryan Donato

Often, I (Michelle) need to work fairly arduous to write down this; the introduction copy for a podcast episode. It’s not as a result of our friends aren’t superior; it’s as a result of discovering the distinctive phrases to elucidate simply HOW superior they’re, can typically be a artistic problem. So, as you may think my workflow consists of perusing the visitor’s web site for extra enjoyable clues into their specific model of superior. And, I gotta’ admit, this week’s introduction actually wrote itself. Within a number of seconds of clicking on their homepage a chat window opened up accompanied with a loud “BING” noise!!

Chat Window: “Hello! Is there anything I can help you with today?”

Me: “Wow. There’s actually someone on the other end of this website on a Sunday afternoon?”

Chat Window: “How can I help you?”

Me: “This is Michelle from the Tiny House Podcast simply perusing their web site and writing the introduction copy for his or her upcoming episode. I don’t want any assist actually. (Unless you need to write it for me? 300 phrases about how superior they’re! LOL!)

Chat Window: “Gotcha! This is Ryan’s business partner, Jeremy. I’ve met you before, briefly, over the phone.”….

We then chatted for a number of extra minutes, till I insisted that he return to his day-off-rest-time.

At this level I might write a thousand phrases about how revolutionary, superb, lovely and nicely constructed Tiny improvements’ homes are. However, I don’t find out about you however there’s nothing extra spectacular, or revolutionary, than the CO-OWNER of a brand new tiny home constructing firm answering a random web chat window “BING” late on a Sunday night.


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