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Trees Are My Speciality with Dustin Feider of O2Treehouse

Designer, treehouse builder, creator and fanboy of Buckminster Fuller, Dustin Feider takes benefit of nature’s oxygen-makers to create nothing brief of artwork. Dustin’s designs sometimes riffs off the “bucky ball” aka the geodesic dome. Primarily his treehouse designs are loved by Californians and vary from $10,000 to greater than six figures. So the place did this ardour for timber, oxygen and weird, inventive buildings originate? You’re going to need to take heed to the present to seek out out. But deliver a wholesome dose of “give us some slack”: We by some means received super-high on this episode and we typically make no fucking sense in any respect…..plus we now have a brand new co-host. No we didn’t shit-can Michelle. How might we do this? http://www.o2treehouse.com

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