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Van Dwelling Vs. Tiny House Living. Which is the better investment?

Van Dwelling Vs. Tiny House Living

Van dwelling, or dwelling in a transformed van or campervan, has been round for an extended, very long time. What’s the distinction between dwelling in a van versus dwelling a Tiny House? Quite a bit truly.

I’m going to make use of my pal, Dylan Magaster, and his van way of life as a reference. Prior to dwelling in a van, Dylan was a world traveler. He was backpacking someday in South America, when he met a person dwelling in a van. Dylan thought – wow, this is nice! When he returned to the USA, he bought a 1994 Chevy G-20 van and began changing it into his touring residence on wheels. He has now been dwelling in his van, which he named “Gladys,” for nearly one yr.

Differences Between Van Dwelling & Tiny House Living

Vans are extra cellular. Vans are meant for journey! You’ll get better fuel mileage as a van dweller than you might ever dream of as a Tiny Houser. Which means, touring with a van is A LOT cheaper than touring with a Tiny House. I traveled 25,000 miles with my Tiny House, and I averaged 9 mpg. Yikes!

Van Dwelling Versus Tiny House Living

Vans are smaller. Dylan can’t rise up straight in his van. Some vans – reminiscent of the widespread westfalia – have pop tops that permit for standing room or perhaps a loft, however lots of them are tight on area.

Van Dwelling

Tiny Houses have extra facilities. Most van conversions would not have room for a bathe or rest room. So, many vandwellers depend on public restrooms and showers for his or her providers. Kitchens are often small as nicely – with solely a stovetop and mini fridge.  Beds double as couches; Passenger seats double as chairs for visitors. Every merchandise has two or three jobs in a van! In a Tiny House, you often have all of the facilities seen in a daily residence, simply scaled down.

Van Dwelling

Tiny Houses are better insulated. Because Tiny Houses are sometimes constructed with 2×four framing, additionally they have a very good quantity of insulation. Van conversions will typically insulate as greatest as they will, however with the restricted area, they aren’t going to see the similar R-value as a Tiny Home. This means you may be extra snug in a Tiny House throughout winter or a extremely popular summer time.

Vans are sometimes off-grid. While many Tiny Houses are off-grid, van dwellers stay virtually 100% off-grid. Although, I don’t actually know which way of life is extra eco-friendly. Vandwellers are likely to journey much more than Tiny Housers – subsequently they burn extra fossil fuels. I’d say it’s a few wash.

Vans include an engine. Once once more: vans are automobiles, Tiny Houses are trailers. Tiny Houses can’t transfer with no truck. Vans are the all-in-one package deal. That being stated, if you wish to go to the grocery retailer, you better be able to drive your house with you! With a Tiny House, you’ve gotten the choice to detach and use your truck as a car.

Van DwellingVan dwelling presents extra parking choices. Ah, sure…. the catch of proudly owning a Tiny House all the time comes down to parking. Vandwellers can simply “stealth-camp” (which means they will park anyplace and sneakily campout). For instance, when Dylan visited me in Oregon, he parked at a close-by espresso store for the night time! No doubt about it, vandwellers have extra flexibility and choices free of charge parking.

Van dwellers may need extra upkeep. Due to the quantity of journey, and the reality there is an engine concerned, van dwellers may expertise extra upkeep than Tiny Housers. A small, easy home that doesn’t transfer is straightforward to take care of.

Purchase Price Versus Resale worth. It’s troublesome to say which is a better funding: Tiny House or van. Westfalias and Eurovans have a big following. A 20-year-old Westie, with tons of of hundreds of miles, can go for tens-of-thousands of dollars. Other vans will go for no matter the typical resale worth is of that make and mannequin, identical to a traditional automotive. Tiny Houses are nonetheless new sufficient that we will’t be certain what the resale worth will seem like in 20 or 30 years.

On common, vans are bought and transformed for a lot lower than Tiny Homes are constructed. For instance, Dylan bought and transformed his van for lower than $6,000, whereas I built my Tiny House for $30,000 in materials (and that doesn’t embrace a truck to tug it with). I’d hope that I might get extra for my Tiny House than Dylan might for his van, however that each one is determined by the market and politics. If Tiny Houses turn into extra anticipated, I can assume my resale worth will maintain or improve. If they develop into unlawful, nicely… I doubt there can be individuals lining as much as purchase an illegal construction. This is one thing Dylan, and different van dwellers, don’t have to fret about.

Which way of life is best for you?

As you possibly can see, there are a variety of variations between van dwelling and Tiny House dwelling, however there are additionally numerous similarities. I consider individuals who stay small, and alternatively, share an identical mindset. Dylan and I are each occupied with monetary freedom and fewer consumerism. We each love the freedom and adaptability that our life present.

To determine whether or not you’re a Van Dweller or a Tiny Houser, ask your self:

  • Do I need to be nomadic or would I quite park in a single location, solely shifting periodically?
  • Do you want sure facilities, or can you reside with out?
  • Finally, think about your finances and determine for your self which is the better funding, figuring out that the politics may change over time.

Tiny House Jenna

Is van dwelling for me?

Honestly, I in all probability wouldn’t need to reside in a van full time. I might, nevertheless, journey in a single for months on finish! In reality, Dylan and different vanlifers have impressed me to seek for a weekend warrior. Recently I’ve caught myself checking craigslist for vans…. maybe you’ll see me in a single quickly! But, I’ll all the time have my Tiny House as a house base.

Are you interested by Van Dwelling or Tiny House Living? 

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